Please download and read the information below and study everything with a willing, teachable spirit, and God will indeed bless you as you seek to know the Truth.

Please do make sure you are ONLY using God’s inspired and preserved word, the Authorized Version (aka King James Bible), for your reading and studies. Any other ‘bible’ is a Satanic counterfeit, and DON’T expect God to bless you as you read and study it!

Please do check back often as this page will be updated regularly, Lord willing.

Why not buy a AV Wide Margin Bible for your notes!
The best one available is from Cambridge – click here for details.

‘Jesus Christ IS God’ PDF booklet
Excellent for giving to JWs, Mormons, Christadelphians, Muslims, and any others who deny that Jesus Christ IS God! – Verses such as: John 1:1 & 14, 8:58, 14:6; 1 John 3:16, 5:7 & 20; Acts 20:28, 1 Timothy 3:16, and many, many more.

Counterfeit ‘bibles’ Checklist
The Authorized Version is God’s inspired and preserved word of God. Satan has been questioning, corrupting and preverting the True word of God since he spoke with Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he still continues today. Don’t be deceived friend!

Who are you REALLY ‘hearing’ from?
A two-page ‘New Age’ tract for giving to people involved with psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants.

Are you on-board with your FREE ‘ticket’?
A two-page Flood of Noah tract written for when the HELLywood movie, ‘Noah’ came out.

The Lord Jesus Christ IS RISEN!
Simple gospel tract written specifically for ‘Easter’ time, but can be used all year round. PDF will show four per page.

A friendly message to all ‘JWs’
A simple, ‘planting the seed of doubt’ tract for all JWs. This tract shows a couple of verses in their New World Translation ‘bible’ that says Jesus Christ IS Jehovah God! PDF will show four per page.

How can you KNOW that Jesus Christ was the Messiah?
Detailed PDF for our Jewish friends, showing that the Lord Jesus Christ was indeed the Messiah. Contains fulfilled prophecies.