Missionary to Menorca

Menorca is one of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a truly beautiful place with a small population of approximately 95,000 permanent residents. The main religion on the island is Roman Catholic, and it is said that 98% of the residents belong to that false organisation.

As one would expect, the churches are full of idols, with a large statue of ‘Mary’ always as the centrepiece, and a smaller ‘Jesus’ statue (or crucifix) underneath her or off to the side.


There is no one on this small island reaching out to these ‘religious, but lost’ people with the TRUTH of the gospel of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

We have visited the island on a number of occasions and have tracted a few areas, but recently we have had a stronger burden to reach out to these people with the truth. And if the Lord wills, we aim to make regular mission trips there with thousands of gospel tracts and Gospel of John booklets, which we will distribute to the people, and leave within the church buildings.

The main aim of course is that the people will be receptive to the truth, and ultimately get saved. But it is also our desire to ‘plant’ a Bible-believing church somewhere on the island, and to ‘train up’ a pastor to ‘feed the sheep’ with the truth of God’s word, and to encourage other believers in their soulwinning efforts.

Although we have a desire to do this, the Lord may have other plans, so as always, we will go as He leads. Please do keep us in prayer. Thank you!