Please don’t ask (unless it’s Mon-Fri!)

Have you ever been asked by a Christian brother or sister to provide a ‘character reference’ for them, as part of a job application? If you have, then think carefully whether you DO or DO NOT provide it.

“Why should I think about it, Barry? They are my friend and fellow Christian – why shouldn’t I help them out?”, I hear you say. In an ideal world, you’re absolutely right! However, what happens if you provide the reference, and the Christian brother or sister gets the job, BUT, the company now requires them to work on a Sunday morning – i.e. now taking your fellow Christian AWAY from attending a church service? By giving the reference, YOU helped make that happen.

This has happened to me a couple of times recently, and I am so annoyed with myself (and actually the person themselves) for allowing them to get me to contribute to their backsliding.

So, from now on, I will NOT be providing any ‘character references’ for Christians for any job applications that involve weekend work. I will of course continue to provide a reference if the job is a Mon-Fri one.

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