A Soulwinning Song

I love singing hymns. Not the modern day, ‘happy clapper’, repetitive stuff, but the solid, gospel and doctrine-filled hymns from years ago. All still absolutely relevant today of course, no matter what any lukewarm church, preacher, or ‘worship leader’ tells you!

Recently, I have found myself humming some little tunes to myself, which I thought would perhaps make some nice little songs if only I put some lyrics to them. So, I sat down last week, and wrote some verses and a chorus to one of the tunes.

The first hymn I wanted to write was to specifically be a soulwinning one. And below are the words, along with an audio for you to listen to how it goes.

Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to sing it whenever and wherever you want.

A huge thank you to Caz for adding the piano accompaniment to the words! Praise the Lord!

A Soulwinning Song

Born in sin, passed to us through our parents,
Speaking lies straight from the womb.
Hearts and minds; innately evil,
Keep us on the path of doom.

But Jesus saves!
Salvation is for everyone.
Jesus saves!
Come to Him today.
Jesus saves!
To have your sins forgiven
It’s the only way to spend
Eternity in Heaven.

Through our lives pretending there is no God,
And no punishment for sin.
Blindly following man and his traditions,
Submitting to his ungodly whim.

As we see what the world has to offer,
Greed, lust, pride, we begin to smell.
Pleasures of sin are only for a season,
And will lead souls down to Hell.

But God loved us; provided Himself for us,
Died on the cross at Calvary.
Death couldn’t hold Him; risen again the third day,
Opened Heaven’s doors for you and me.

Heard and repented, believed the gospel,
Now a new creature in His sight.
Child of God under no more condemnation,
Having now passed from death unto life.

So Jesus saved me!
I accepted His salvation.
Jesus saved me!
I came to Him today.
Jesus saved me!
I’ve had my sins forgiven,
Now I’ll spend eternity
With God my Father
In Heaven.

Barry Galvin 2017 (all glory to God!)

4 thoughts on “A Soulwinning Song

  1. Rosie says:

    Brilliant Barry. I really enjoyed that. I’m going to write it down and learn it. Looking forward to hearing the music you’ll put with it


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