Then Satan cometh

Have you just been specifically blessed by the Lord? Was there something you had being praying about for a long time, like a new job or recovery from an illness or a hope of a restored relationship for instance, that has now been answered and fulfilled by the Lord? If yes, then be on your guard!

Why? Because the enemy will usually come in straight afterwards to try and steal your joy, or ‘ruin’ your blessing. How could he do this?

Let’s take the new job example. You were desperate to start working somewhere in order to make a little money for yourself and/or others – no problem in that. In His time, the Lord answered your prayer and allowed you to have a little job local to where you live. You thank the Lord, and your faith increases. Of course, the enemy doesn’t like that, so gets your new boss to ask you if you can work on the coming Sunday morning. As a saved Christian, you should of course say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t work Sunday mornings, because I go to church.” (or something along those lines) – basically, you stand up for your faith, and keep the One Who got you the job in the first place, first in your life.

But because you are a new employee, and feel you can’t say, “No” (which of course you CAN, a) because it’s the right thing to do, and b) because they couldn’t fire you anyway as that would be Religious Discrimination), you ‘cave in’ and say, “Yes”. Not only has the enemy (and yourself), stopped you from going to church the next Sunday, you have now verbally contracted with your boss that you are available to work Sundays whenever he or she desires you too. This now makes it extremely difficult to say, “No” in the future. You’re stuffed!

And of course, the enemy won’t stop there. At some point he’ll also get your boss to tempt you into working on a Wednesday evening too, when you should be at a Bible study group.

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, we have to be on guard at ALL times, but especially when the Lord blesses you with something.

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