Unbeliever, just how much do you love your believing family?

I’m a blunt person. I have always taught and preached the truth in love and without apology. And I will continue to do so in this life until the Lord takes me home.

So here goes … unbelieving, unsaved son, daughter, brother, sister, mum, dad, etc., if your family are saved Christians, and you are not, then you do NOT love your family the way you think and/or say you do! And that’s that!

If you’re continually rejecting your Christian family’s pleas for you to get saved from an eternal torment in Hell, then that only shows how much you DON’T care or love them. How can you give hugs to your saved sister or brother, or spend time with your Christian parents, and laugh and joke with them all, when you have no interest in wanting to spend eternity with them in Heaven?! What kind of love is that?

Your saved family love you so much that they would do anything for you to believe and accept the gospel salvation message of the Lord Jesus Christ, because they want to be with you in Heaven. But YOU? YOU wouldn’t do anything to be with them in Heaven, because you simply don’t care! What a real shame. What a dire tragedy.

Listen, I’m NOT trying to emotionally ‘blackmail’ you to get saved – it’s your choice. I’m just simply pointing out THE fact that you DON’T love your saved family.

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