Some thoughts on giving the right type of help

Q. Have you ever given too much help?
Q. Have you ever given too little help?
Q. Have you ever given just the right amount of help?
Q. Is there such a thing as being too helpful?

We don’t wish to hurt people, but we CAN by being too nice.

  • Gen. 40:23 – example of being ‘too helpful’!
  • Hos. 3:1 – example of being ‘too good’!
  • 2 Chron. 26 – example of someone given ‘too much’!

(Obviously, the above situations are all according to the Lord’s will, but you get the point I hope regarding the application for us today).

There are some people who:

  • don’t care either way if you help or not,
  • are scared off by your help,
  • will always abuse your help – don’t appreciate it,
  • will always expect you to help,
  • just don’t want to be helped.

TRUTH stops being the truth if it is compromised or adulterated by too much concern for diplomacy. We can’t please everyone (1 Thess. 2:4-7). John the Baptist, Paul, and Jesus were all gentle, BUT they were hard and firm when they needed to be – (e.g. Mat. 3:7-10, 23).

‘Nice’ isn’t one of the “fruit of the Spirit”, but being gentle (and kind) is. But this doesn’t mean that we say, “Yes” to everything. It’s also about saying, “No”, kindly.

Say, “Let me think about it”, and take time to think and consider, and then decide whether to help or not.

Let go of any guilt. You can’t be all things to all people, or do everything people want. Remember, Jesus was perfect, and yet He still disappointed some people!

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