Not interested in perfection

Let’s imagine for a moment that you didn’t believe in God. Now think about how you would respond if you heard this… “There is a PERFECT book on this planet. A book that has never been proven wrong on anything. People have tried to change it, destroy it, mock those who believe it, but yet it still remains. It is our instruction book for life and death.”

How would you react to that statement? I would have thought that you would want to know what the book is, where it is, what it says, and whether you could read it or even get hold of a copy of it for yourself. Would that be a correct assumption? I would think so.

Well, I made this exact statement to a lost man during some recent street witnessing, and the man’s verbal response to me was one of complete disinterest. Perhaps if he didn’t know I was a Christian, he might have wanted to know more. But he knew that I was referring to God’s inspired and preserved word, the Authorized Version King James Holy Bible, and because of that he just didn’t care. Isn’t it amazing how much people just hate God and His word.

Of course, the main reason why he didn’t want to know about this PERFECT Book was because he (as well as every person) knows that he is a sinner, and therefore either tries to reject that God exists or just simply doesn’t want to know what God says. You see, ALL lost people have a basic idea of what is in the Holy Bible – sin, Hell, judgement, evil, lust, etc. etc., and they are too afraid to confront themselves and God. They are cowards!

What was also interesting was that this man (after I told him that I’m not going to try and convince him of anything if he’s not interested), said to me, “But you’re supposed to convert me. That’s what you do.” Listen unbelieving friend, would I like you to believe? Absolutely! Would I love for you to be saved from an eternal torment in Hell? Of course! Would I do anything I could to answer your questions if you were genuinely interested? Absolutely again! But, I am not going to ‘hammer’ you over the head with it, or force you to submit and convert. Friend, don’t try and put any blame or burden onto me, the choice is YOURS to make.

It’s funny, people want things to be perfect on this earth – no wars, no crime, no debt, no arguments, no problems, etc., they seek for perfection or something as close as. Yet, at their peril, they reject the one physical thing that IS perfection on this planet, THE BOOK!

Unbelieving friend, get rid of your pride and cowardness, and start finding out for yourself what the PERFECT Book says. And may God bless you as you do.

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