Lukewarm ‘call in’ programme

Briefly watched a late night ‘call-in for prayer’ programme yesterday on Revelation TV (we still don’t have a TV ourselves, but we are currently in an apartment where they have one). The host and his guest would read out emails and texts, and take phone calls from Christians wanting prayer for something or other – usually their own physical healing, and with no mention at all for wanting other souls to be saved.

As it is a ‘Charismatic’ TV channel (I rest my case!), during the quick breaks from the ‘call-ins’, they played videos of the usual repetitive, unscriptual, airy-fairy, drum beating, guitar-twanging trash, ‘christian rock’, ‘worship’ music. ‘Tis to be expected when watching these type of channels I’m afraid.

Anyway, shortly after showing one of these videos, a wonderful sister in the Lord emailed the host and mentioned that although the videos may seem nice and lovey-dovey, she said, “You should be playing the proper hymns which use the word of God to get the message across, as faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. What a great email dear sister, and certainly one that would get them to take action, no? Er, no. The host literally did not know how to respond (he had to read it again too), and said with a proud look, “Erm, I don’t want .. er I don’t know what you actually mean, so will just leave that one.” Interesting how he began to say, “don’t WANT” – that of course was his true feeling about what she had said.

Isn’t this absolutely terrible!? His attitude though summed up completely the overall ‘Charismatic’ attitude of worship, worship, worship is all we want, with no interest in soulwinning, soulwinning, soulwinning, or what the Bible actually says about things.

I’ve had so many run-ins with these type of Charismatic/Pentecostal ‘Christians’ over the years, and they do nothing but frustrate me. My personal advice is to steer well clear of them, as they will do nothing but damage your Christian walk.

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