Afraid of the Master’s Touch

Mendelssohn once visited the cathedral at Fribourg, and having heard the great organ, went into the organ loft and asked to be allowed to play it. The old organist, in jealousy for his instrument, at first refused, but was afterward prevailed on to allow the great German composer to try the colossal “thunderer” of the cathedral. After standing by in an ecstasy of delight and amazement for a few moments, he suddenly laid his hands on the shoulders of the musician and exclaimed: “Who are you? What is your name?”

“Mendelssohn,” replied the player.

“And can it be that I had so nearly refused to let Mendelssohn touch this organ!”

As Christians, we can often refuse to let God have His way in our lives, because we are afraid of the outcome. Little do we know that if we would let God do as He sees fit the outcome would be much greater than anything we could dream of.

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