New Testament heretics

Dear Christian friend, would you trust and listen to people who came to you with the following beliefs? They believe:

  • The Scriptures are NOT infallible (even in the original autographs)
  • The Bible is no different than any other book
  • Salvation is by water baptism (through the Cross and Blood only is “heresy”)
  • Heaven is only a “state” of being, and not a real place
  • Hell is not real
  • The return of Christ is only a “spiritual” return
  • Genesis chapters 1 to 3 are NOT literal (i.e. fall of man never happened, they believe and love Darwin’s evolution)
  • Radical racism
  • Moses and David were probably not real people
  • Miracles of the Bible were not real
  • In the occult.

If you are a true Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, then of course your answer would be, “NO WAY would I trust them, or listen to anything they had to say or teach! I’m going to stay away from them at all costs!”

Well Christian, if you are reading any ‘bible’ other than God’s inspired and preserved word, the Authorized Version King James Holy Bible, then you ARE trusting and listening to those people!

If you want to know what I’m going on about, then checkout these two very influential heretics, Brooke Foss Westcott and his fellow deceiver Fenton John Anthony Hort.

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