Just ‘Britain’ nowadays

This once ‘Great’ nation of Britain is under judgement. More so I believe than the majority of nations. Why? Because God chose this land and its language to preserve His word, the Authorized Version King James Holy Bible, and the British people and the Government in general have rejected Him and His word, and have no interest in hearing the truth or in the salvation of their souls. They even go so far as to try and ‘kick’ God and the Bible out of everywhere in society e.g. schools, courtrooms, workplaces, etc.

It’s tough being a Christian in this country today; even tougher for a Bible-believing Christian. Yes friend, there IS a difference. You see, one can indeed have the label of ‘Christian’, but not believe a word in the Bible. It’s a shame that I have to call myself a Bible-believing Christian; Christian should suffice! But unfortunately there are so many professing ‘Christians’ around who are simply not saved, and add works to the free gift of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Denominations eh? What a mess!

If YOU call yourself a ‘Christian’, what type of ‘Christian’ are you really?

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