Monkey Poem

Three monkeys dining once in a coconut tree
Were discussing something that they heard true to be
“What do you think? Now listen you two
Here monkeys is something that cannot be true
That humans descend from our noble race
Why, it’s shocking – a terrible disgrace
Whoever heard of a monkey deserting his wife
And leaving a baby to starve and ruin its life?
And have you known a mother monk
To leave her darling with strangers too drunk
Their babies are handed from one to another
And some scarcely know the love of a mother
And I’ve never known a monkey so selfish to be
As to build a fence around a coconut tree
So other monkeys can’t get a wee taste
But would let all the coconuts go to waste
And here is another thing a monkey won’t do
Seek a cocktail parlour and get in a stew
Carouse and go on a whoopee disgracing his life
Then reel madly home and beat up his wife
They call this all pleasure and make a big fuss
They’ve descended from something but not from us.”

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