Our new Hymn Book available in Summer 2017

For the last six months or so, we have been in the process of compiling our very own Bible Believers Church in Berkshire Hymn Book entitled, ‘Sing with grace to the Lord’. It will be available in eBook and printed book formats, and is on schedule for release in May 2017, Lord willing. We are all really excited about this!

The book will contain almost 100 wonderful, Christ-honouring hymns, along with the gospel message clearly presented within it, so it can also be another soulwinning tool for you to use.

We have also recorded piano instrumentals of a large number of the hymns, and this CD will be available too shortly. Perfect for your own fellowships and churches, where you can have your very own pianist playing along to your singing! Stay tuned for more information.

3 thoughts on “Our new Hymn Book available in Summer 2017

  1. Caz. says:

    Sounds like a great addition to any Bible believing church! Brilliant, it’s about time we brought back more of the wonderful words of the great hymn writers of the last 2 centuries.


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